Below Picture:   Excavation of the long-abandoned "Caparell" mine spoil pile near the Silver Creek
Reservoir. This previously mined earth and rock was the primary source of material (borrow pit) for
buttress construction at the Silver Creek Dam.

DiRenzo Coal Co. proposes building a new large dam from the same material, but produced from  
modern Anthracite Coal Surface Mining & Reclamation... planned, designed, and fully integrated into
dam and reservoir construction.  
Silver Creek
of old
Silver Creek Dam Rehabilitation Project
Blythe Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA.
Summer / Fall 2005

Dam Rehab. and Buttress Construction from nearby
Abandoned Anthracite Coal Surface Mine Spoil.
(Capparell Pit Overburden)
Above Picture:   Construction of an Earth and Rock Buttress was required to increase stability of the
nearly 150 year old Silver Creek Dam. Buttress construction material consisted primarily of nearby
Anthracite Strip Mine Overburden (or spoil). This material was tested and approved by the PaDEP prior
to use. During and after Dam Rehab, this material was deemed to have work very well by the Blythe
Authority and its Contractor. It should be noted that this material was placed directly in the drainage path
of Silver Creek. Approximately 2,000 feet below this dam site is the Blythe Authority's water supply intake.
New Dam
primarily of nearby
abandoned mine