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10-23-07 - A summary of this opportunity and proposal recently appeared in the newsletter of the
Water Resource Association of the Delaware River Basin (WRA/DRB)).
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5-24-07 - A summary of this opportunity and proposal recently appeared in the newsletter of the
American Water Resources Association (PA-Section).
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2-23-07 - Click Here to learn more about a recent, approved, safe, and successful use of Anthracite
Mining Overburden as Dam Construction Material.

2-12-07 - The Blythe Water Authority has finally provided some comments with respect to our mining,
reclamation, and water storage proposal. The nature of the Authority's comments strongly indicates
that it either did not take the time to read this website, or did and choose to ignore much of the
contents. The Authority's comments and our response is available for review.
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1-24-7 - Here's another example of how planned mining and reclamation can bolster water resources,
as well as benefit the local economy.
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12-6-6 -  For those interested, here's a copy of our testimony as read at the Dec. 5 DEP public
hearing regarding the proposed Blythe Twp. landfill (BRADS).
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10-10-6 - An online forum is now available. Please post only relevant comments and questions.
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9-21-6 - A blog (online journal) page has been added. Click here to visit and post comments.

9-21-6 - NOTE: Help a neighbor without internet access understand what this Opportunity is all about.
Share your internet or tell them free internet service is available at most public libraries, such as the
Port Carbon and Pottsville Free Public Libraries.    
Thanks, and check back frequently for additional updates !