Topo-Map of Northern Blythe Twp.
Blue Lines - Land Lines of Blythe Water Authority
(Approx. 3,150 acres total)
Red Lines - Land Lines of DiRenzo Coal Co. (Approx. 265 acres total)
Note that the Blythe Water Authority owns the Silver Creek Dam and Reservoir along
with entering and exiting streams (
see more detailed maps of DiRenzo property).
The Water Authority
does not own any of the coal under the reservoir or land of DiRenzo.  
- - - - - - - - - - - - -  Black Dashed Lines - Approx. Limits of Coal Basin  - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This cigar shaped coal basin was mined and abandoned on Water Authority Land but remains unmined
(virgin) on the land of DiRenzo Coal Co. Any future mining and reclamation would occur within basin limits
AML - AMD (Cross Hactched Area)- Unreclaimed Abandoned Mine Land & Abandoned
Mine Drainage created during 1910s-40s by the St. Clair Coal Co. The Burma Road crosses
this area making it prone to illegal waste dumping.
See a 1947 air photo of the this area
See a 2005 air photo of this area
Caparell Pit - This large abandoned flooded surface mine was created in the late 1940s by Caparell, a strip mine
contractor for the P&R,C&I. The Water Authority acquired this flooded pit in the 1960s by tax claim sale.
This pit receives all the overflow from the Silver Creek Reservoir and is used as back-up source of water. In late
2005, the Water Authority pumped water from this pit to refill the Silver Creek Reservoir after the +$1million
rehabilitation of the Silver Creek Dam.
See a 1947 air photo of the Caparell Pit during mining
See an 2005 air-photo of the Caparell Pit vicinity.   
Silver Creek Reservoir - Constructed in the 1840s by the Schuylkill Navigation (canal) Company along with the
Tumbling Run reservoirs to maintain suffucient water levels in the canal during dry period. Capacity is
approximately 230 million galllons and permitted safe yield is approximately one million gallons per day.
See a 2005 air-photo of the Silver Creek Reservoir.