After being apprised individually by DiRenzo, the above legislators apparently
communicated on the matter. What resulted was help and support from Senator Rhoades
to organize a meeting with DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty. This meeting occurred in
February of 2005 and Ms. McGinty was personally apprised as well. The Secretary's
response was that in light of the many potential benefits, the DEP should take a closer
look. To date, the DEP has not followed-up in this regard or provided any formal
response, despite repeated implications that it would do so. After the meeting, Senator
Rhoades advised that the best approach to move forward is to get the support of the
people. If the people support having this opportunity further evaluated, then he, as well as
other legislators, will work for the people to that end.

Many thanks to Senator Rhoades for his help and advice.