The following is the testimony of DiRenzo Coal Co. as read at the Dec. 5, 2006
PaDEP public hearing regarding Blythe Twp.'s proposed landfill project....aka
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

My name is Paul DiRenzo and I’m here on behalf of DiRenzo Coal Co. - landowner and taxpayer of Blythe Twp.
and the St. Clair - Pottsville School Districts.

      According to statements in the news, the primary reason Blythe Twp. decided to pursue this landfill was
because no other revenue generating opportunity was available for their evaluation or consideration.  That is
not true…and here’s why…

     Several  years ago DiRenzo Coal Co. presented Blythe Twp. and its namesake water Authority with an
opportunity to create substantial new revenue while improving land and water resources in the process.       
Our proposal does not involve the importation, incineration, or disposal of any type of waste, and never will.     
What our proposal does involve is mining and reclamation to recover as much as $150 million worth of
Anthracite coal on our land near the Silver Creek Reservoir.      We remain ready willing and able to share this
wealth with Blythe Township.     Far beyond mining and money, our plan offers great potential to create a large
post-mining reservoir or recreational lake that would continue to provide environmental and economic benefits
for generations to come.

      Unfortunately, Blythe’s elected and appointed officials quickly rejected our proposal without any discussion,
evaluation, or most importantly, public participation.     Efforts to have our proposal properly and publicly
evaluated were met with more rejection, ignorance, costly frivolous litigation, and the promise for more.

   What has essentially happened over the past few years is that Blythe Twp. has “open its arms” to a landfill
and “closed its mind” to Anthracite Mining and Reclamation…the very thing that defines our county, reclaims
our past, and helps reduce our dependency on foreign oil.     We say “thumbs down” to Blythe Twp. and its
sidekick water Authority for putting waste and leachate before mining and reclamation.     Trust us when we say
that you don’t’ need a landfill to figure out that something stinks in Blythe Twp.

      We wish to leave the audience with two things.    First and foremost is how to learn more about the
opportunity we offer to Blythe Twp.    If you wish to understand more, we have an internet Website dedicated to
the history and facts surrounding our proposal.    Please see me after tonight’s hearing for more information or
look for our public notice in tomorrow’s Republican and Evening Herald.   Lastly, if you come to believe that our
proposal deserves the same kind of consideration, evaluation, persistence, and energy that Blythe Twp. has
committed to this landfill project, then please contact your local legislator for help.      Rep. Goodman, Sen.
Rhoades, and Congressman Holden have all been apprised of our proposal. They will know exactly what you’re
referring to if and when you contact them.

Thank you for your time and attention.

God Bless Schuylkill County and our great Commonwealth.